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Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll died in 1298 fighting alongside William Wallace at the Battle of Falkirk, but his well-documented pedigree allowed Scotlands DNA to carry out tests on his descendants, and those of his brother James, the 5th High Steward of Scotland and the grandfather of Robert II, the first Stewart king.

Dr Jim Wilson, the group’s chief scientist, carried out ancestry tests on the descendants of Sir John’s sons Richard and Angus, and of his brother, and discovered a marker that originated more than 700 years ago.

Dr Wilson added: “By a straightforward process of deduction that means that the marker arose in Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll, and not in his father.

If it had, the descendants of James would also carry it, and they do not.” Having made the discovery, Scotlands DNA checked its database of ancestry tests for men with the Stewart surname and found that 20 per cent of them share Sir John’s lineage, while 30 per cent are descended from his brother James.

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