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Most are narrow and gently winding, with little traffic and much welcome shade. By late evening I arrive at the little mom-n-pop country store in Cornland. During the years to follow, the Wright Brothers performed above awestruck crowds both in America and Europe. Tuesday–April 16, 2002 Trail Day–6 Trail Mile–160 I didn’t realize there was a dog kennel down the road where I pitched last night.

I’m served up a fine supper and much kind and welcome conversation. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers cheered Wilbur’s twenty-mile circuit from Governor’s Island up the Hudson to Grant’s Tomb and back. It started raining hard right after I got my little Nomad tent set up. Sure glad I pitched well to the side of the two-track and not on it.

It is funneled from the Richmond, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Petersburg areas via NC168, a four-lane grinder in its own right. Today, most of the bumper-to-bumper is headed back north, two lanes to the east, but the incessant rumble and roar gets to tugging after awhile.

My voice is hoarse from the fumes and I’m wilting big time.

This four-lane highway handles all the traffic coming and going to The Outer Banks.

A little about the Wright Brothers and big Kill Devil Hill tomorrow.

Monday–April 15, 2002 Trail Day–5 Trai Mile–134 The hike today takes me through rural Virginia countryside and along beautiful farm and sparsely populated residential roads.

My good friend, Frank, better known as “Travelin’ Man,” dropped me off at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse this morning at ten.

From this far eastern point at the Atlanatic Ocean, I begin Odyssey 2002, a transcontinental thru-hike that will end, God willin’ sometime later this year at the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, California.

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