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Meanwhile Dick "Evil Dick" Donato, a single 44-year-old bar manager from Los Angeles, CA, began a verbal fight with Jen, accusing her of "using" Jameka, purposely "throwing" the Po V competition so Jameka could win, and finished by calling Jen a "scumbag." Dick said Jen knew if Jameka won Po V it would be used on her, placing Jameka in a compromising position.Kail described the fight between Dick and Jen as "the worst yet." Dick's daughter Danielle Donato, a single 20-year-old waitress from Huntington Beach, CA, also confronted Jen, telling her she was "sick and tired" of the way Jen treats her.When Jen questioned Danielle's values because she's been getting cozy with Nick despite having a boyfriend at home, Dick dumped a glass of ice tea on Jen's head.Then Nick -- who was sporting a new Mohawk similar to that worn by Robert De Niro in -- yelled at Jen.However this week's Power of Veto competition was won by Jameka Cameron, a single 28-year-old school counselor from Waldorf, MD.Jameka thought God wanted her to take Jen off the eviction chopping block because it was Jen who pulled her name to participate in the competition.I asked her if she insured it, she told me that she only got liability since the car was paid for she didn't have to get collision on it.

She threw a fit, because she wasn't talking to her Step-Grandfather and just wanted me to pay for everything even though she could have had a big chunk of it paid for.

Prior to the houseguests' casting their eviction votes live, Nick seemed to anticipate his ousting and took the time to talk to Danielle. things they want to do," said Nick to Danielle in-front of the other houseguests. Julie then played a video message for Nick in which Eric revealed he was the one who had been voting for Kail. That's pretty tricky." Nick then received a video message from Danielle.

"That's nifty," said Nick after he learned of America's Player twist. "I came into this house to play a game, and I didn't think that I would have such a strong friendship with you," she said.

Is that really that much to expect, a fucking thank you card?

Well, from her it is Here are a few other examples of how she has been since the show to me.

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