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According to Driving & Motoring Month The CX's flowing lines and sharp Kammback were designed by auto stylist Robert Opron, resembling its precursor the GS.

Citroën had been using a Wind tunnel for many years, and the CX was designed to perform well in aerodynamic drag, with a low coefficient of drag (Cd in English; CX in French) of 0.36.

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The suspension was attached to sub-frames that were fitted to the body through flexible mountings, to improve even more the ride quality and to reduce road noise.The Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 was not built under license, but copied the Hydropneumatic suspension principles after the less effective Mercedes-Benz 600 Air suspension installation.The CX has a transverse engine arrangement, in contrast to the longitudinal mid-engine layout of the Traction Avant and DS.The firm went bankrupt in 1974, partly due to a series of investments like Comotor that didn't result in profitable products.Production versions of the CX were always powered by a modest inline 4 cylinder engine - only the very rare 168 PS (124 k W) GTi Turbo (1985–89) ever had the engine power to match the capabilities of the chassis.

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