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We’ve also thrown in a few celebrity-made playlists and a few user-assembled collections for you to sink your teeth into.Strap on some headphones and crank up the jams — these are our choices for the best playlists on Spotify.Even though streaming music is dominating your listening time, a good playlist can be tough to find.With tens of millions of sounds, countless artists, and a never-ending supply of new tunes to mop up with your ears, discovering who to trust when it comes to compilations can be a daunting task.Nothing fixes this: using different sorting methods, restarting the App, clearing cache, logging in and out, and re-downloading the app. And im not re-downloading so much music every time.Does someone now a 3rd party solution or something else because this is unbearable. This (sorry for my language) fucking algorithm is annoying.Sometimes it’s more fun to discover music than to choose it!

Companies or indie labels own some playlists, and individuals like you and me own the rest.

Indie labels, big radio stations, and big-time music bloggers own some playlists.

Others might be owned and curated by Joe next door.

If you’re just getting a few streams a day from your fans, those payouts can be seriously underwhelming.

But if your song gets thrown on a On top of that, the quality needs to be there.

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