Speed dating kl

Start-up & Business owners - Busy business venturers that are looking to start-up their personal life as successful as their business.C-Levels - Successful CEOs that have established their reputation looking for a life partner to share a beautiful life.The only missing piece right now is someone to share your life with.Like all the other aspects of your life, you have high standards and you do not wish to simply settle on the next person who comes along.

Professionals, managers & executives - High ranking professionals who have made a mark in their fields and are thinking to settle down.

There were also some who are still studying either at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

HOWOur sincere goal is to support and encourage modern professionals to find their soulmate in a hassle-free and fun way.

Jamie and Violet met when they were both studying in Manchester and fell in love over a lunch date! Violet read Law and earned her Masters in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management.

She started her career as at Citigroup Singapore before starting Lunch Actually at the age of 24.

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