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32s attacked an Austrian air base at Aisovizza, and by the end of the year, regular raids were being mounted against other Austrian targets.It had a 372 mile range, sported three 150 HP engines, and two defensive machine guns, flying at 75 MPH. We saw the Boeing P-12E Pursuit (Fighter) developed during the interwar period, all on Boeing’s own dollar.The jaw dropping tour was quick, but the comments and memories invoked by Dr. Below is a summary of the “Top Ten” exhibits we visited.Also included is a short article on the famous “Doolittle Raid” contributed by one of the tour attendees, who happens to be a Board member of the AMTA organization. Kent based his comments on a compilation of facts and ideas from his own reading, research, as well as on details provided on the National Museum of the United States Air Force website (This was the first mass produced US aircraft, but it was not intended for combat due to its top speed of 87 MPH, 11,000 ft max altitude.It was considered “Obsolete” as a fighter plane by then with its 90 horse power engine. I – “Triplane”, one of the most successful German WW I fighters, and the favorite plane of Baron Von Richthofen, who got 19 of his last 21 kills (80 total) with this aircraft.This plane has impressive statistics: 180 horse power, top speed of 127 MPH, one .303 machine gun, 17,500 altitudes, and NO parachute!

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Pilots liked this plane because it could survive diving – without disintegrating – and was tough.

Note the synchronized machine gun; earlier WWI models simply used metal plates to deflect bullets if the prop got in the way.

Hap Arnold flew a famous mission from Washington, DC to Alaska and back, an 8,290 round trip mile journey in 1934!

This aircraft was so fast, it outran every fighter of its day – giving the Army the (mistaken) impression that it could fly without fighter escorts.

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