Spatial updating

Furthermore, it is not clear whether the recently observed phenomena of spatial updating of attention relate to the observation of predictive remapping of receptive fields.In the seminal study of Duhamel, Colby, and Goldberg (1992), a flashed stimulus in the future receptive field—that is, the location of a neuron's receptive field after saccade—evoked a neural response prior to saccade.

How do these phenomena occur at the neural-systems level? If yes, why does the attention pointer update opposite to saccade direction, while the receptive fields update with the saccade vector?

The lingering effect originates from the late updating of the proprioceptive eye-position signal and the remapping from the early corollary-discharge signal.

We put these results in relationship to predictive remapping of receptive fields and show that both phenomena arise from the same simple, recurrent neural circuit.

For example, when there is an impending eye movement, the visual system can anticipate where the target will appear on the retina after the eye movement, and in preparation for this, spatial attention updates and moves to a new location.

In subjects instructed to monitor a particular location in a scene while moving the eyes, two different types of spatial-attention shifts have recently been discovered.

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