Sophos updating policy schedule

(a little test flight) Here's how app update works You can update your internal app through the Air Watch Console and applications versioning.

I never used it but I imagine that at the end of the new version process, there is a way to push the updated app to the related devices. From for the latest option, you have the solution to send a notification to the user.

You can embed into the key share on the device which will make it accessible for that applciation, hence allowing you to create the appropriate App Store URL within your app. But I don't think that Apple provides a way for automatic update of ad-hoc or enterprise apps.

Well, I can describe a solution for an enterprise app I developed last year. First of all, I made it as a part of our secure website.

You can create a different schedule for each day of the week.

The default updating policy enables you to install and update the software specified in the “Recommended” subscription.

The app always runs with Guided Access enabled and all devices running it are managed by Air Watch.

My questions are regarding auto-update: If your devices are running i OS7 and you have your app Deployment settings set to "Auto" (as opposed to "On-Demand") the device will automatically take the update once it processes the APNs notification to do so.

If the device is locked/offline it will typically check for outstanding APNs messages within a minute or so of being unlocked or coming back online.

What I don't know is since your app is in guided access mode if you're receiving a pop-up to install the new version.

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