Sophos console not updating

This would make more sense to me if the updates were installed a day (or week) before the error occurred.

Although this post was almost a year old and handled software of 2 minor versions back (4.5 instead of 4.7), I decided to give it a try anyway. NET Framework 4 for Windows Server 2008 x64-based Systems (KB982671) and the Client Profile (and 2 reboots), the Sophos Enterprise Console started to display current data again.

You can watch the entire Getting Started video series on the Sophos Products You Tube channel.

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Before you use it throughout your network, you should configure it to allow the applications you want to use. For a full list of the default firewall settings, see knowledgebase article 57757.

Once patch assessment is turned on, computers are assessed daily for missing patches (unless you have changed the patch assessment interval).

We’ve created a comprehensive library of “How To” videos, including a series of Getting Started and Networking videos, to help you get the most out of your XG Firewall.

You can turn UAC on again after you have installed the update manager and subscribed to Sophos updates.

Location roaming is a method of intelligent updating for roaming laptops where updates are performed from a ''best'' update location and updating does not rely solely on the primary and secondary update locations specified in the laptops' updating policy.

When using Inappropriate Website Control, you can either edit an existing web control policy, or create a new policy.

Computers that are not running Sophos Pure Message will update every 60 minutes.

After you have set up the updating policies and applied them to your networked computers, the computers are kept up to date automatically.

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