Soo hyun and suzy dating

She also starred in the dramas Big and Gu Family Book But what kind of girl would he spend that money on if he were to date? Lee had admitted dating Park Min Young, his co-star in drama City Hunter but they broke up after several months. In he did write what seemed like a very serious entry on his home page about the type of girl he likes. Therefore, people believed they were boyfriend and girlfriend, but it was just a rumor because Sue-ji called Kim brother.Therefore people believed that they are in love, but the truth was not. He said that even if you have a girlfriend now, you must say no.In addition , Seo Hee who left the Wonder Girls is moved the office , which is the same office as Kim Soo-hyun , and this seems to have been told to chose this firm because dating with Kim Soo-hyun.On March 10, reports say, they left Seoul separately - he to Paris for a shoot and she to London.News of the budding romance has come as a surprise as they have not worked together before. It is said that they met in the church, and became to the lovers after dating.

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On June 26, there was a final interview for the cast of MBC’s “Gu Family Book,” which is closing up its final episodes.

Lately though, we have both been busy so we have not been contacting each other.” Netizens commented, “But Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy look so good together,” “It looks like they are really close,” and, “They are both big stars.” It looks like they are just close friends.

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We also caught up for a little bit.” She added, “We still keep in touch too.

I guess these rumors circulate because we are pretty close.

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