Sony tv epg not updating

You can install the application on your Fire TV by downloading the latest APK from Android instructions page.

The official Smart IPTV Facebook page has been unpublished due to many page clones available.

You can set the timer by calling the channel schedule (EPG) and pressing the Red button (Set Timer), OK button or by clicking the programme name using Magic Mouse. You can now add DVB-T/C/S (digital only) channels on your TV. It's also possible to rescan the updated DVB channels list this way.

It's now also possible to check current day's EPG for DVB channels that have not been assigned an external EPG code by pressing Green button or the corresponding Magic Mouse button.

This is made to detect the language of EPG for your M3U playlist channels more appropriately.

You can always check how your M3U playlist will appear inside the application on the converter page. Please e-mail any irregularities found during conversion (but please analyze them in the converter first), thanks!

Later, your playlist will be taken from TV's memory only and if you upload an updated playlist, it will be updated in TV's memory and removed from the server again.

If you experience any problems with this new feature, just check the Keep online box again and it will be uploaded to the server as earlier.

You can now change the EPG Text color in the settings of the Application.If you have already updated to firmware update version , please update to firmware version as soon as possible.It will recover the functionality of the application, which was broken during previous firmware update. If upgrade is not available online, you can also try upgrading the firmware (through USB) by downloading it for specific TV model from your local Samsung support website or by contacting Samsung support.On LG TVs with web OS (**LB6** and higher models) the video mode has been changed.Now the app is more responsive, but it needs to be tested against various stream types.

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