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A growing number of accounts are dedicated to calling out the various cosmetic procedures celebrities and influencers have had.

Influencers have also been actively speaking out themselves about burnout, mental health, and the stress that comes with maintaining perfection. I think it all goes back to, you don’t want to see a girl standing in front of a wall that you’ve seen thousands of times.

As the public becomes more aware of the prevalence of sponsored posts, beauty influencers are abandoning branded shots for ones that show off their “empties” (empty bottles of product they actually use).

Whereas Instagram started as a purely visual feed of filtered photos, it has morphed into a messy, tangled social network where photos fight with stories, IGTV, GIFs, and video clips for attention.

For many users, a photo itself is just a way to vent in the captions or comment section.

“There came a point in my life where all I’d be looking for was walls, walls, walls.

I was like, ” After interrupting a vacation to take a picture against a roadside casino’s perfect orange wall, she decided enough was enough.

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