Smart playlist not updating

The various artists was mistagged so it got included in most of them. What do you mean by “various artists was mistagged,” and which tags did you correct? Now all the Various Artists albums are in my playlist.So I corrected the tags but they stay in the playlists. Does the playlist only update when new artists are added? The playlist should automatically reflect your changes immediately, I believe. The smart playlists are built using the genre filter on artist level. I have a lot of various artists albums, they are tagged individually on album level. I corrected the tag on Artist level, but the smart playlist is unchanged, all the various artists albums are in there. I tried making a smart playlist where I included everything with a rating above 2 stars.However new items that’s updated are not added to the playlist.Has something happened to the UI and is it no longer enough to just select the library, set a filter, set an ordering and press the “add to playlist” icon to create smart playlists?Select "yes" or "ok" (I can't remember which one exactly). For example, say you have a smart playlist for pop songs: the playlist shows you only the songs for that search term.The smart playlist isn't a playlist, it's just a search folder. So, you cannot sync a search token to your i Phone.

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Yeah, the songs are in my's odd because the playlist in i Tunes is not in sync with the playlist on my i Phone.

Scroll down through and if any of them show exclamation points to the left of the song's name, that means the path has been lost.

If you try to play the song, a window will pop up telling you i Tunes cannot find the song. When you select "Yes", a search window will pop up.

OK a bit more detail, I’ve determined it’s not the playlists that are not updating, since they are working fine on some of my devices/platforms.

It appears to be Plex Media Player that is having the issue.

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