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In some Romani groups, for example the Finnish Roma, the idea of marriage is ignored altogether.Traditionally, it is a patriarchal society and virginity is considered essential in unmarried women, this is because it is a visible representation of the girl's representation and the honour of her family. The Romani practice of child marriage has generated controversy in many countries.Romani social behaviour is strictly regulated by purity laws ("marime" or "marhime") respected by most Roma and among Sinti groups by the elder generations.This regulation affects many aspects of life and is applied to actions, people, and things.School, other marriages, and events are also a popular environment for finding a prospective spouse, however they should be supervised by an adult.With the emergence of social media such as Facebook and mobile phones, and education in women becoming more prominent, traditional and conservative views are becoming less rigid.They generally refer to their language as řomani čhib translated as ‘the Romani language’, or řomanes, ‘in a Rom way’.

Death is seen as "impure" and affects the whole family of the dead, who may remain "impure" for a period after the death; usually private items of the dead are considered to be impure and are to be buried in his/her grave or given to non-Romani poor people.Seldom do modern Romani use traditional names from their own language, such as Papush, Luludi, Patrin, etc.Being the only Indo-Aryan language that has been spoken exclusively around Europe since the Middle Ages, speakers use many terms for their language.Bride kidnapping is thought to be a traditional Romani practice.Girls as young as twelve years old may be kidnapped for marriage to teenage boys.

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