Sky one dating show

After the break it would be revealed one at a time who picked who.

If two people picked each other, they would win and would go out on a date.

Brassic is described as "an edgy new original comedy", airing on Sky One and online NOW TV.

Written by Danny Brocklehurst (Safe), Brassic, with its distinct northern flavour, is about a group of working-class friends finding unconventional ways to win at life in northern suburbia.

Behind nine of them were normal prizes, but behind one was a special star prize holiday (which yes, they had to take together - Aaaah again).

However, behind one was the evil Broken Heart, which meant game over.

Update: One reader, Aelys Costello, writes: "The reason that I am reading this is because I was on Love At First Sight.

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Embrace who you are, decide what to be and go be it.”Danny Brocklehurst, co-creator & writer, added: “I couldn't be more thrilled to be making Brassic with Sky One.It's rumoured that a young Victoria Beckham auditioned for the show but was rejected.We've never thought of this as one of the big-hitters of the game show world, but for some reason this very page that you're reading right now has turned out to be the most visited entry on the entire site. Perhaps one of our beloved readers (for example, you) would like to use the form below to enlighten us...?The first season of the show will be available from 4 August and is sure to be full of drama as couples are pushed to the limits of their relationships.Sky’s Zai Bennett said: ‘Temptation Island is addictive and unmissable, and we can’t wait to launch it on Sky this summer.

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