Skin dating

********************************************************************************************************** Skin "Oh fuck! Why does everyone underestimate the importance of flag day. Once I was finally out of the shower, I put on my suit and left my apartment, ready to take on the day. Fuck it, I thought as I drove my cock harder and harder inside of her. Imagining her smile, her face, her beautiful flawless skin. "It was great for me too." I responded with my eyes still closed, still feeling the after effects of my orgasm. "I should get going." She said rolling out of bed and getting her clothes together. How hard was it to find a woman who actually liked sucking your dick? A quick look at the clock reminded me that I was short on time. I would at least get the chance to bust a nut before it's all said and done.

I lay there for him, as my ass was taken for the third time this week. I beamed at the compliment, wondering how much longer this would take.

I blasted shot after shot of cum wishing it had been in a completely different one. That was so nice." She said as I rolled off of her. I let the warm water do it's best to wash away my disappointment at another weak fuck.

" Was all i could muster as the orgasm overtook me. Too bad she can't screw worth a damn, I thought to myself as I entered the shower.

I thought to myself without being the least bit vain. "Smile babe, remember to smile." I heard the director and put on my best "fuck me look." "There it is." I heard him say pleased about my work. My phone rang, I was going to ignore it, but saw that it was Jason. " "Hey boss, we have a towel emergency." He responded.

Too bad he wielded it like a weapon and not a tool for my pleasure. ****************************************************************************************************** Nick I loved this coffee shop. The irony that everyone else in line was probably thinking the same about me at that moment was not lost on me. "Yes, a towel emergency." "How do we have a towel emergency?

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