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But that doesn't mean you can't chat from the comfort of your Windows PC.There are now a number of quite good alternatives for those of us who use a mixture of .I guess this is part of their cross platform library but still, I wish it would let the camera app use more native and high quality functionality.Additionally, it’s wayyy too easy to send things to the wrong person.You can’t remove people from “recently contacted” or “frequently contacted” prompts around i OS for sharing.I’m terrified I will send my girlfriends brother something immodest because his name shows above hers even though our chat volumes are way different.My boyfriend and I also realized that he Whats App calls also work better than the regular cell phone calls here in the United States.

You can use the Whats App desktop app on multiple computers, but the platform prevents your messages from syncing to multiple computers at the same time.

If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:[email protected] follow us on twitter: [email protected] App---------------------------------------------------------Note: Whats App is a telephony app, so i Pod and i Pad are not supported devices.

Whats App allows me to connect with family, they live on the other side of the world, in Chile.

You can share photos, videos, and receive alerts for new messages without having to constantly pick up your phone.

There are some features you'll miss out on, such as sharing your location, attaching files, and sending/receiving money through Google Pay. We have a roundup of Sorry, i Phone users, this one isn't for you.

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