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Currently, the waiting list for government housing in Hawaii is 2-5 years long.

If you’re willing to wait, here are some links to guide you through the application process: Section 8 In Hawaii The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a federal program that gives vouchers to low-income families to use toward rent on any unit where the landlord accepts Section 8.

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The amount of your monthly check depends on how long you have worked, how much money you earned, where you worked, and your age when you began getting benefits.

In Hawaii, Medicaid enrollees age 65 and older (and anyone with disabilities) get medical insurance coverage under a managed care program called Quest Expanded Access (QEx A).

There are 2 QEx A health plans to choose from: All of Hawaii’s Medicaid enrollees, regardless of age, get dental coverage through the Medicaid Fee-For-Service Program.

Their policy is to never turn anyone away from receiving medical care, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay or their insurance coverage.

The Community Health Centers accept Medicare, Medicaid, and other types of insurance, as well as patients who have no medical insurance at all.

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