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I’ve also asked my Singaporean male friends if they’d date this girl (let’s call her Sarah) but said they would not, because they felt intimidated by her high flying banking career and ivy league education.

Ask a white guy and they’d probably say “hell yes why not ?!

From my experience, white guys seem more capable of that.2. (most of them)Singaporean men are out to find a wife, they have a strategic and purposeful reason in place.

Foreigners are more about the “I like you, just because I like you, we’ll see how things goes”. Singaporean men don’t like dating women they perceive to be more capable than them I have a Singaporean girlfriend who’s highly educated (ivy educated), very well paid, beautiful, active, kind-hearted.

Other reasons I can think of are: I feel that many of my Singaporean guy friends have an ideal type of Singaporean girl.

Predictable, ready to settle down, perhaps bake a cake, visits cafes for brunches on weekends with friends, #ootd #weekendbrunch … They’re not open to seeing a woman as they are, without pursuing a woman as fitting of what they already had in mind.

” instead of a awkward smile followed by “nah…..”In conclusion, there’s a sad blanket for Singaporean women who prefer white guys as being superficial.

But it’s not necessarily the case of subconscious worshiping of our colonial masters.

Some have a slower pace of life, are completely okay with “doing nothing” or making plans hours before; which is a contrast to perhaps a typical Singaporean’s obsession of sense of urgency, being productive and making plans.There are a few varieties and profiles of singaporean women who fancy white guys.Some have this preference because it feels like a more superior option like it gives them an elevated status, others because they are more physically attracted to the sharper features and bigger build of white guys, some see them as an ideal partner because it’s in line with their own goal to eventually relocate somewhere and the list of reason goes on …Personally as a Singaporean woman I found white guys refreshing initially.I don’t think it’s a choice of a Singaporean or a white guy.It’s like a choice of chinese cuisine or italian/french/american/spanish/…….

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