Sim dating game newgrounds

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The characters first appeared on the site in 1999 with five short games and movies: being added by various Newgrounders.

Fix myself up a container full of Cheese-Nips, hop on to the Dell Dimension 2100, click on the Internet Explorer icon, type in the address for Newgrounds since I never bookmark it out of fear of my parents finding out.It's a fun game to kick around for curiosity sake.This guy clearly cut his teeth into this project and gotta say its quiet inspiring even when Sim-man quit at one point but came back and finished it.Every year on April 30th (Tom Fulp's birthday) the Portal is filled with submissions based after the Pico characters, which makes up the majority of Pico works today. You can more about him on the Newgrounds Wiki here. I remember spending my time on this game back in Middle School.

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