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Today, the Internet is filled with pages of Sears Silvertone radio collections and information about the antique radios.

Their designs, particularly the stylish use of plastic casing, continue to be very popular among radio collectors.

Sears' guitars have even been immortalized by their mention in songs from artists as diverse as Mary Chapin Carpenter ("Girls With Guitars") and G. Silvertones were popular with young musicians because of their solid construction and inexpensive pricing.

Their legacy lives on today as literally hundreds of Internet pages are filled with fond recollections from people of their first guitar, the Sears Silvertone.

It has been 30 years since Sears ended its association with the Silvertone brand, but the public's association is so strong to this day that many still believe Silvertone is a Sears brand.

It is a testament to the success and quality of Sears' Silvertone products that the public still associates the two names so closely.

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Look for warranty information provided by Mission Bell Radio Inc.

The Sears Silvertone radio and Silvertone guitar, two highly collectible items today, are largely responsible for America's fond recollection of the Sears-Silvertone connection.

In 1915, Sears introduced the Silvertone phonograph, a hand-cranked machine that came in tabletop and freestanding models.

This company made Silvertone radios for the Sears & Roebuck Company between 19.

The radios were called Silvertone Mission Bell Radios.

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