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Finally she thought, “What the hell, it looks a nice place and they seem like the types who will pamper me, might as well give it a shot.” It was true. Sonia put her bags in the car and walked back to the salon.

She pushed the big glass door and entered to a sweet greeting by the receptionist.

She had extremely beautiful black hair that reached the small of her back and had gentle soft curls that cascaded down her back.

However, today things had not quite gone according to plan for her.

She took the rest of the day off from work and decided to indulge herself and go shopping hoping that would ease the stress. She went into all her favourite stores and decided that today she would just let herself go.

She was going to buy all those things that she had stopped herself from buying.

The receptionist went in and came back with the stylist. ” Tina blow dried her hair and showed her the back with a hand mirror.This was the very thing that Sonia wanted to do today—indulge.She paused and thought, her hair had been cut 4 weeks ago and she generally trimmed it only once every 6 weeks. She decided to go and leave the bags in the car as that would give her some time to think over the matter. She’s beautiful and has an amazing smile and is ready for a haircut.She’s definitely a candidate for Miss Congeniality!!!

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