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In fact, dating and friend-finding app Bumble has even banned the shirtless bathroom mirror selfie.

*Chris Hemsworth is an exception to the rule*That’s the overwhelming feedback I’ve got from speaking to 10 incredibly smart, funny and confident women I know who are separating the dudes from the men, and the “come-on-over” Casanovas from the genuine catches. But I found a general set of rules that are consistent: shirtless selfies are out, puppy and cat selfies are in.

In fact, one of the photos listed as acceptable is a gym mirror selfie.

But the new guidelines should at least reduce profiles that are inappropriately explicit.

Bumble, the app that makes women make the first move, has officially heard users who automatically distrust a guy with a bathroom mirror showing off his boxers and naked torso in his profile.

In a blog post published Friday, the company announced a number of new photo guidelines, including no photos of kids by themselves, no pictures that don't show your face, no text or watermarks, no photos in your underwear, and no showing off bathing suits indoors (but if you're at the beach or the pool, snap away)."Look, if you want to meet someone in the bathroom of the restaurant and show them your underwear, that’s your prerogative," the post reads.

) Also, if he wears sunglasses in all of his photos. I was a dental assistant for a bit so a nice smile is important, but it needs to look genuine! I am looking for kindness as well as a sense of humour.

It's creepy AF."Stacey, 31 (dating men) "Display pics that will definitely grab my attention include pics with pets, food – cooking or eating! I find that a little creepy – what are they hiding? One woman's deal breaker is another's deal maker. "Louise*, 32 (dating men) "[I don't like] bathroom pics, faceless shots, elevator selfies, shirtless unless you have an amazing six-pack and it's contextual (not gratuitous nudity), most exotic animals, too many people in every shot (who are you? ), pics where you look short against your friends (but if you're short better for me to find out that way than on the date! I don't like vain mirror selfies, overly posed photos, shirtless photos, if they are doing 'shakkas' in every photo, if they are highly intoxicated in EVERY photo, or if their profile picture is of them with a tiger/riding an elephant/donkey/with an entertainment monkey/any other accidental animal cruelty. genuine, fun, down-to-earth photos with puppies accompanied by a humorous bio with no spelling errors."Jen*, 27 (dating women) "I look for natural photos that don’t feel too contrived because, to me, this reflects a person who is comfortable with themselves and who is on the app to genuinely meet someone as opposed to attention-seeking. I also look for photos that show a little something about the person’s interests beyond those obvious pre-blackout drunk, glammed-up-with-drink-in-hand photos.Incorrect grammar or spelling in their bio is an automatic no. We all like getting glammed up for a night out but there’s so much more to you than that and I want to see what fuels your fire!

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