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Barrowman does a lot of TV and theatre work in the UK and this has prevented him from appearing in Hollywood movies, which is a shame considering what a great guy he is -- can't Marvel slot him in somewhere? It seems that acting ability runs in the family, as Pertwee followed his father into the industry and has had regular TV and movie roles in the UK since the late '80s.

The low-budget "Solstice" was a great surprise with a consistent story, solid screenplay and good acting.While in her house, Megan is haunted by a spirit that she believes is Sofie trying to communicate with her.In her investigation, she suspects of the weird hick Leonard and while snooping in his house, she finds the picture of the missing girl Malin and unravels a dark secret about the suicide of her due to legal issues that have prevented it from being rerun since the '90s, but the first season starred John Newton as a young Clark Kent.Newton was replaced by Gerard Christopher for the remaining three seasons of the show and he has mainly had bit parts in movies and TV shows since then.

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