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The first was the Portuguese, then the British and finally the Dutch.

In the end, through the Dutch East India Company (VOC), the Dutch controlled the economy in the region, causing a gradual decline of the Banten Sultanate in the region.

BADUY TRIBE TOURStar/Finish : Carita/Jakarta Grading : Easy/Moderate PACKAGE 2D/1NThe Baduy hills tribe are a community of people who refuses all external and strictly practice a traditional style of living, is one of tribe living in peace and leading a simple life blending with natural.

And in isolation tribe, the living with out the influence of modern culture and technology, their area is culture conservation and put under protection and manage by the government, their life so unique and attractive to be observed.

The area was returned to Dutch control for 5 years, before they handed the region to the new Indonesian government when the Dutch left in 1950.

After the fall of the Tarumanegara, Banten was controlled by many Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms, such as the Srivijaya Empire and the Sunda Kingdom.

The spread of Islam in the region begins in the 15th century.

Banten was absorbed into the province of West Java.

However, separatist sentiment ultimately led to the creation of the province of Banten in 2000.

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