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Sometimes the right answer hides behind wrong answers - I've had a few occasions where the right answer glued itself behind a wrong answer and followed it all over the screen! The correct answer is highlighted right from the start so just stop it when it gets to that answer. The thing that really makes this bullshit is that there are 7 substories related to the chat line girls, so you're gonna have to learn to tell the difference between them all to complete all this crap (unless you want to waste a huge amount of time doing it over and over again until you get lucky and meet up with the girl you're after). It's important to point out that though there are 9 girls, there are only 7 substories. It's also important to mention that you can still chat with and meet up with girls you have already met before, so don't assume it'll be easier to find the girl you're after as you complete the substories of other girls.

In the next section, you need to get 3 answers right to fill the heart. Hold down L1 while talking to a girl if you are sure you have already done her substory before to hang up (for example, if you know you've met all the white bikini girls, then there's no point talking to anyone in a white bikini, so hang up and wait for the phone to ring again). This is because 3 of the possible girls result in the same substory. So once you have completed the phone conversation with one of them, you do not have to complete the other 2 girls.

Try cheating with someone's wife in rural Bangladesh and you'll get our point.

If you're lucky to survive and tell the story, this website (Enter Chat Room) will love to be the first to hear.

When talking, either she asks a question or Kiryu wonders if he should ask a question, then you have to select the correct answer on the screen.

Thankfully, if you wait a little while the correct answer will highlight itself - The lords of gaming smile down upon people importing this game with no knowledge of Japanese!

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This can be incredibly annoying because the movement is so random. After getting two answers correct, the heart at the bottom right fills up and it goes to a roulette thing. So you cannot use the look of the girl to judge who it is. Needless to say, this will be difficult if you're not used to hearing Japanese voices (if you watch a lot of Japanese dub anime, or watch dramas, you may be okay with this! Below are the tips I can give you to help tell the girls apart: The greens are the most difficult to differentiate...

Following this is another roulette, then you need to get 3 answers right to fill the heart again, then finally one last roulette.

*Free trial is for first time callers to (509) 676-1400 (duration of free trial is subject to change). *Toll Free (855) 242-8247 is for first time free trial eligible callers only.

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