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One of those film students, Sarah Hartman, a 21-year-old junior, swallowed hard as she waited for the video camera to roll in the Muskegon, Michigan, home of Janet's parents, Jim and Glenna Chandler, one day in the fall of 2003.Anxious about the questions her class would be asking the couple, she'd procrastinated all morning, lost and found her car keys, but finally made it to the interview.

At most, they might turn up a handful of new leads.I hope to teach in a private, probably Christian, school and to also work in theater in…opera."Jim wistfully recalled Janet's rich mezzo-soprano voice and the day that neighbors gathered outside their window to listen to her sing.But his face tightened when he talked about the Blue Mill Inn.He'd come across Janet's story in the spring of 2003 while interviewing a detective who was retiring from the Holland police force.Schock asked if there was one case that still haunted the cop.

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