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In particular, when father-daughter relationships are founded on open communication, trust, and higher levels of contact, these negative outcomes are further reduced.For Katie’s thesis, we recently investigated how father involvement, father absenteeism, and the parental relationship impacted young adult women.

Fathers need to have the courage to ask their daughters about relationship concerns.

So, I feel like my relationships end because I have these high expectations of what I think relationships are supposed to be like, and then they’re not.

Dads definitely need to tell their daughters how they should be treated in a relationship and to not settle.

As discussed previously on this blog, father loss can negatively impact children in a variety of different ways, even on a biological level.

Compounding this issue are myths about fatherhood that are perpetuated in our society, including those that can lead to misleading assumptions about dads that can diminish the contributions active fathers make in the lives of their children.

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