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The list below is only a sample of the Swingers ads in Pease, Minnesota.

He never approached Delage directly, though by and by, he formed his judgement of the man, his politics, and his work.There’s an Andy Warhol room where a sex swing sways under the benevolent gaze of the famous Marilyn Monroe diptych, a “Cell Block 69” room equipped with prison bars and orange jumpsuits, a stunning basement maze of glory holes, and a balcony overlooking an annex furnished with rococo sofas and mirrored candelabra, where people can see and be seen. “I mean, some of them were way more freaked out than the patrons.It was super ordered, nobody got thrown out in the night without their clothes on or anything like that, so kudos to the city for that.” The police, as it turns out, are working on behalf of the city’s housing and fire inspectors, who believe that Delage is running an unlicensed sex club.They’re single and searching, married with kids, sick of the downtown bar scene.Others are small-town guys from across the Midwest who have never known what it’s like to be part of a gay community.

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