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He covered him with a towel and he took his car keys and the house keys.

He locked a mortice lock on the door and then stole his victim’s Audi TT.

Beforehand he had taken Valium and smoked cannabis.

When he tried to leave he found the door locked and a scuffle ensured and stabbed Mr Jefferies using three knives and candlesticks, inflicting more than 40 injuries, including slashing his throat.

Bamford went downstairs to get away but said he found the door locked.

He knew that his clothes and his phone was upstairs and he would have to go back up there.

Just a few hours later his friend took a selfie photo of Bamford lying in a hospital bed smirking and flicking his middle finger up at the camera.

The Trial During the trial jurors were shown a 360 degree image of the inside of the cottage with a blood soaked bed as well as blood marks down the stairs, in the lounge and kitchen.

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