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And unlike Epstein, she does not have the massive resources that would be required to carve out a new life in some obscure place where she cannot be extradited from.”“I think it’s interesting to speculate as to where she is.

I also think the more important issue is: where do the prosecutors stand in bringing a case and is she cooperating?

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“There’s no place in the civilized world where she can go and not be found.

(Buckingham Palace and Andrew also deny that anything improper happened.)But last Friday, a tranche of unsealed documents in a defamation lawsuit filed by Giuffre spelled out how Maxwell allegedly drove around seeking teen “masseuses” for Epstein to abuse, and how she allegedly participated in the sexual abuse herself and kept a “sex slave” of her own.

David Boies, a lawyer for Giuffre and other Epstein victims, said Maxwell should be prosecutors’ next logical focus after Epstein’s demise.

Zampolli said he remembered the late diplomat Stuart Beck, a former director of Terra Mar, brought Maxwell to the United Nations twice to discuss her ocean activism. It would be like getting a passport for an ice cube.”Shortly after Epstein’s arrest, Terra Mar disabled its website and the reported that the feds were probing the charity over its potential connection to Epstein.“The Terra Mar Project is sad to announce that it will cease all operations,” a message on the group’s defunct site reads. Terra Mar’s mission has always been to connect ocean lovers to positive actions, highlight science, and bring conscious change to how to people from across the globe can live, work and enjoy the ocean.”Before Maxwell surfaced, speculation ran wild as to where she might be.

Zampolli reiterated this in an interview with The Daily Beast.“She came to the United Nations twice to meet with me. Those close to her pointed to one of her relatives’ properties in France.

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