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Only 1.5 hours North of the City of Boise, the National Forest is the perfect place for a cheap weekend getaway and the hot springs are, by popular vote, the main attraction.

The cleanest, warmest, most secluded, and just overall best.

Married women all over the country are looking for attention and women in Mountain Home, Idaho are no different.But this largely forgotten state is jam-packed with natural, secluded (and did I mention free? The best, and most beautiful of which are situated in the Boise National Forest. That means anything you purchase through my posted links earns me a small monetary kick-back (at no extra cost to you, of course).I only promote products that I believe to be useful and good quality.When you’re talking hot springs, Idaho usually isn’t the first place that comes to mind.In fact, Idaho rarely ever comes to mind for the majority of travelers, unless they’re making jokes about potato farmers.

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