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There is a Norwegian TV show called “Where nobody could think that anyone could live,” but they actually do.You can drive for an hour straight into a forest and find a small house, or be in a boat in a fjord and not see anyone for hours until you stop on a small rock in the middle of nowhere and out pops a Norwegian who actually lives there.The Oil fund has a quite large list of companies they do not invest in.For instance Lockheed, Airbus, Boeing, British American Tobacco and Wal-Mart. They’re still pillaging, now just somewhat more civilized.Yes, they have cities – but they also have something called Distriktspolitikk which is very important to a lot of Norwegians. The best cabins have a required ski trek of 30 minutes to reach it, has outdoor toilets, no electricity and no water (you melt snow).This hotel is almost as Norwegian as anything in the world, it just might be trolls living right outside Would you believe that they also rollerski on the roads if the snow melts? Some Norwegians fake the Hytte-tradition by installing electricity, WCs and have running water.

Even more so than those make-believe swedish blondes from your fantasies.Please share it with anyone who has anything to do with Norwegians and Norway. It is common courtesy to round up your bill, but a tip of more than 10 per cent is just not normal. The income tax is at least 28 per cent, VAT or sales tax is 25 per cent. Many, if not most, of the barmen and hotel employees you’ll meet will be from Sweden.It actually means you have to explain to Norwegians that service is included when they visit your country. You also get TV tax, fuel tax, plastic bottle tax, sugar tax and probably oxygene tax (we don’t know, but are guessing here). They are were much like Norwegians except service-minded, smiling and very friendly to strangers. Norwegians are just sceptical, and impulsive as soon as they have thought things over.Check out airfares to Norway with Lufthansa here In september 2014 the valuation of the fund was 857 billion dollars, holding one percent of global equity markets.The fund owns the largest number of European shares that any other entity (an average of 2,5 per cent of every European listed company).

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