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The native excellence, and fharpncfle of his wit, were well feconded by thefitnel Tc of the place; where the emulation of equals was frequent; and where each Students proficiency was narrowly fought into: neithei?wasinduftry wanting, which as it ieldome accompanyeth thegreateft wits, fo where it is conjoyned is moft availeablc.

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By report of fome who were Fellow Students with him, heufed over anda- bovehisdayesexercife, tobeftow whole nights at his Study, or not till it were very late to betake himfelf to reft.

In the mean while the A& or' the fix Articles was ftill in force, and if any were found guiky of the breach thereof, they were fure of punifhment.

So that as long as the King held the middle way between his own Genius, and the advice of his Counfel- lors, feeding them with favours, upon which they could build no aflurance, and pleaiing himiclf inhis own feverity, fear, and hope, equally prevailed.

The Romanes endevouring by fubtile pradtifes, and pretext of Religion to retain under the lurifdi&ion of a high Prieft 6 the ancient honour of their Citie, which by open force they could not defend.

Thennofooner could any fhew himfclf to differ from them in point of faith, but the battening of his punifhment prevented any infection that might fpread it felf among others.

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