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Interesting note: Watch how quickly the other person disconnects if you say you are male, and look how eager they start typing if you say you're female. You: 18 male New Zealand Your conversational partner has disconnected. Omegle: 80% Perverts,12% Illiterate people4% automated 'bot' ads2% Annoying kids who think they're little gangstas1% The mentally disabled1% Normal people-Typical Omegle-You're now chatting with a random stranger. Talking to the stranger next to you could make you happier.If you avoid conversation on airplanes, you're not alone.

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While you likely recognize the importance of connecting with your friends, you might underestimate the benefits of connecting with strangers.

If you fly often, you've probably had at least one bad experience with a stranger on an airplane.

Perhaps your neighbor wouldn't stop telling you about her health problems.

On a trip in Mexico I met the top female bullfighter in the country.

And most recently in Canada, met a fellow who drove long hail tractor trailers on ice highways up north.

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