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If you're interested in working from home as a chat sex operator, WAH Adventures has a list of hiring companies. You’ll Also Love These Posts: Studies have shown if you like this blog post — you will also love the following articles. Please be aware that we only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers.

As more and more companies go online with their businesses, there will be more and more opportunities to work-from-home as a chat agent. Please see our disclosure policy for further information.

Not fond of tutoring now and it's worse with children)Transcription Crypto mining with my computer Camming (Yeah, I sex chat, but I don't expose my identity)No to Upwork If you know of any non-sexual text chatting jobs, that would be great.

I'm willing to write for a content mill that offers at least .05 cent per word.

Once I get that up and running, that will be my main source of income. I know there are writing content mills out there, but getting paid 1 cent per word just eats at my writer soul. Something I have to spend 8 hrs with to make that is a no go for me.

Some jobs I don't want to do: surveys (tried it before, takes way too long to make money unless you do the following)referral/affiliate links Teaching English (No VIPKID!

In fact, live customer service chat is becoming more and more popular every day.

Some of these chat positions do require background knowledge of a specific area, and many of them do require you to type a certain number of words per minute, so make sure you read all of the criteria before applying. Check out Flex Jobs and Indeed — they have lots to choose from.

Not sure if you’d be comfortable with that, but just a suggestion.

Just make sure that you fully read the job description.

Many of these jobs do require some phone time, so if you're against being on the phone, you'll want to make sure that the position is 100 percent online chat and email.

It is set up like a chatline where you hear caller greetings, ping messages back and forth, and you get paid when you get a live connection.

I was averaging around per hour while I was there. This includes random jobs, online employers, sites that pay you and ways to monetize websites.

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