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The Philippines can be divided into four groups: Luzon is the largest and northernmost island and home to the capital city, Manila.

At the southern end of the archipelago is Mindanao Island.

The country has a tropical climate and one of the richest biodiversities in the world.

It is the 12th most populous nation on the planet with about 94 million people.

Metro Manila is the headquarters of the gay nightlife in The Philippines.

The majority of Gay Bars & Clubs in Manila and Gay Saunas and Massage Spas can be found in Manila City, Quezon City and Pasay, although the numbers are few.

We recommend you take as much cash as you feel comfortable carrying and exchange once in the country.

Wi Fi is widely available in shopping malls and hotels.

Since then, the LGBT Pride parade has become an established event, with more than 1,000 people taking part in 2011.Departing passengers have to pay a terminal fee of ₱750 () for international flights.This is paid in the pre-departure area before entering immigration. It can be no big surprise to learn that the easiest way to travel is by plane.There are two official languages – Filipino and English.Filipino, based on Tagalog, is the national language but English is also widely spoken.

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