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Am counting on you with all trust and honesty, I want you to help me out and I am requesting for your honesty and sincerity towards getting my boxes out of the Security company.

Its very hard to trust people nowadays especially someone you never meet in person, since I met you there is something inside of me that made me to trust in your words thou not 100%.

Here are the details I know you are fine in your paradise, I appreciate you get back to me and you being so honest with me.

Its been nice hearing from you, well i like all the things you do and am sure that for both of us to have meet on net is not a mistake but the wishes of God.

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You really sound very nice to me and sincere, though am seeking for such man in my life.Here is the Deposit Details and Contacts of the Security Company below.DEPOSIT DETAILS: Deposit Number: SAACL-O576-PLG45 Sort/Clearance Code: SAACL/576-45/MP56 33 Deposit Certificate #: 405576 Consignment Description: 2 Trunk Boxes Depositor: Miss. Pitty it wont uploads pics How are you today, and how is has it been with you, Hope you doing good, i am kinda worried and bothered because i did read from you again, whats wrong, i told you i was sick of malaria, and that i just got better, you didnt respond, back meanwhile i want you to add me to yahoo chat, so we can chat better and proper, i need to leave this place asap here is my ID [email protected], add me lets chat.Once the boxes gets to you, I will let you know the lock codes to open the boxes, then you can open the boxes in order to have some money sent to me for my flight to be with you. Full Name susan wilson Gender Female Age 39 More About me I'm a very active person; I don't like people lying on the sofa watching TV all the day round. The best relaxation is humor, is not it, I like to be outdoors, camping, sea, mountains and of course animals, especially dogs (especially big)! I like to meet new people, adore children, to hear their laugh and to see their smiles Come from United States Registered Today, am City, State, Province westland michigan Marital Status Single Ethnicity White/Caucasian Occupation self employ Sexual Orientation Heterosexual Email: [email protected]: aol proxy With God all thing are possible [email protected] I am a woman From aurora, United States Age 33 y.o. A SINCERE PERSON WHO'S READY FOR A POSSIBLE COMMITMENT. YEARNING TO BE HELD BY SOMEONE WHO JUST THE SAME WOULD WANT TO BE LOVED AS WELL. [email protected] P Member Since: November 22, 2012 Basic Info: 30, Female, Tampa, FL Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Dating, Serious Relationship About me: I am a very simply and quiet person to live with.I am counting on you with trust and I'll appreciate your trust towards this. But relaxation has nothing in common with lazybones. More about me: NEVER LOSE HOPE IN FINDING THE RIGHT PERSON FOR ME. THOUGH I'VE BEEN HURT FEW TIMES, I NEVER GAVE UP ON LOVE BECAUSE I BELIEVE SOMEONE OUT THERE IS MEANT FOR ME. I ENJOY TRAVELLING ANY PART OF THE WORLD WHEN THERE'S A CHANCE. I love traveling, sporting and enjoy meeting people.

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