Self consolidating concrete strength

Charge passed was measured in samples cured for 1, 3, 7, 14, 28, and 40 days of curing.All mixes out-performed the control mix in terms of resistance to chloride penetration.SCC concrete is usually defined as having a spread of 18 to 30 inches wide, making it possible to place concrete under difficult conditions.The viscosity, as visually observed by the rate at which concrete spreads, is an important characteristic of plastic SCC and can be controlled when designing the mix to suit the type of application being constructed.SCC can be easily placed and completely fills forms under its own weight without mechanical vibratory consolidation.

SCC mix designs must maintain a tight balance; they must be fluid without segregating.

Binary mix in which 20% of cement is replaced with fly ash exhibited 28-day strength slightly surpassing the control mix.

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Self-consolidating concrete is defined as a concrete mix that can be placed solely by means of its own weight, with little or no vibration.

As a high compressive strength concrete, SCC delivers these attractive benefits while preserving all of concrete's normal mechanical and durability qualities.

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