Seinfeld elaine dating

Becoming annoyed at Kramer's invasions of privacy, Jerry takes away his spare key.

Kramer, shaken, decides to leave for California to pursue an acting career.

Elaine and Jerry buy a television as a wedding gift for "The Drake" but when the wedding is called off his fiancée.

Jerry and George begin casting for their pilot, Jerry which is finally ready. The NBC executive Russell becomes obsessed with Elaine. George tells Jerry about his lack of confidence below "the equator" when he thinks that his girlfriend is "faking" it.

Jerry and George prepare for the taping of Jerry and each of the real life personas give tips to their TV alter egos. Jerry begs Elaine for another chance when he finds out she faked her orgasms. George's father gets him an interview as a bra salesman.

Evidence points to Jerry's accountant being a drug user.

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" Elaine gets George a job at a publishing company; to repay her, he buys her an ostensibly expensive cashmere sweater that has a minor flaw.Jerry befriends an overweight nudist, George meets an enchanting woman and misses a job interview, Kramer gets a horse racing tip, and Elaine misses a lesbian wedding she was to attend.After a neighbor attempts suicide, Jerry visits him at the hospital and becomes attracted to the man's girlfriend.Jerry trails a hit-and-run driver but is attracted to her and begins dating her; he later learns her victim was a longtime quarry and dates the latter as well.Kramer begins having seizures whenever he hears Mary Hart's voice.

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