Sedating a chow chow

The name Chow Chow was first assigned when the dogs were imported to England in the late 1700s, and means nicknack, probably because the breed was seen as an oriental curiosity (the name may have even been taken from the boxes in which the dogs were shipped).

In China, the breed is known as a Songshi Quan, meaning puffy lion dog.

The Chow Chow has a shoulder height of 46-56 cm (18-22 in) and weighs 20-32 kg (45-70 lbs). Chow Chows are sturdy and square from a profile view, with large, wide skulls, small triangular ears, and padded tufts of skin above the eyes.

Mix well and simmer until all extra water is absorbed and the mixture takes a thick consistency Heat oil for tempering and add ingredients in the order given Once the mustard seeds pop and the urad dal turns brown (if using) dunk everything into the kootu mixture and mix well. Thank God I had some chow chow languishing in the fridge.Sometimes, letting vegetables stay in there results in good things – like this kootu.It is a huge, puffy, lovable friend with abundant character.It is territorial, and may try to dominate other dogs on its home turf.

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