Sears catalog dating

It opened a 40-acre logistics center in Chicago that very same year.

According to Sears' corporate archives site, Henry Ford made a pilgrimage to this "'seventh wonder' of the business world" to learn about the company's storied efficiency.

In 1981, the company purchased Dean Witter Reynolds Organization Inc., a stockbroker, and Coldwell, Banker & Co., a real estate broker.

It launched Discover Card through Dean Witter in 1985.

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It took parts of Dean Witter and Allstate public, then distributed the remaining shares to investors.Revenues totaled 0 million that year—around .8 billion in today's dollars.The company began to introduce its own brands, including Craftsman, Die Hard, and Kenmore.As of October 2018, Sears lost 96% of its value since it began trading under its current ticker in May 2003. Amazon shares, on the other hand, are up nearly 33-fold.Even for a brick-and-mortar retailer in the digital era, Sears is struggling. They launched a catalog of watches and jewelry the following year and incorporated Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Two years later a couple of Chicago businessmen bought Roebuck's 50% stake for ,000—over .3 million in today's dollars.

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