School camping sex

Mom stopped by to visit as she was on her way to our in ground pool to get some sun to see if there was anything else I needed. She looked a little sad as I had never been away from home for 2 full weeks and she was already hinting that maybe the 2 weeks away may be too much. ” Mom hesitated and gave me a little smile then we both started to laugh as we finished our dinner.

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I wasn’t into normal sports (football, basketball, baseball) but I loved the alternate sports. ” With that mom let out a yell and I started letting go of the largest, most intense orgasm of my life.To prep for this adventure I shopped for weeks to get all the gear I would need and to ensure I had everything I needed I decided to setup camp in the backyard. The weekend finally came and I started setting up my camp to make sure I had everything. It must have been the middle of the night when I woke to a wonderful sensation. I slid my hand under her hip, down and under her panties then cupped her pussy.I could feel the small hand of my daughter’s friend wrapped gently around my cock slowly wanking it. I wriggled my finger between the lips of her very wet pussy and rubbed her clit until I felt her hips jerking like mad as she came.

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