Sccm direct membership collection not updating e book on dating tips

So I stated earlier, we start with a very basic package for 7-Zip.

Understanding WQL can be a challenge if you never played around with it.I always was looking for ways to operational collections that we can use for our day to day deployments. What if we add to the same query another criteria that excludes all workstations where the Deployment ID for 7-Zip is successful?Now, with SCCM 2012 we could create a deployment collection and simply include one of the operation collections and voilà. What I mean by that is if your collection targets 500 workstations, you will always target 500 workstations minus or more the workstations that get added as the query gets updated. We would typically create a collection with a query along the lines of Select all objects where the operating system is like “workstation”. When we create the collection/deployment we will be targeting all workstations.Note that if the group is not in the list them AD group discovery need to be configured in the Administration tab of the SCCM Console (Administration Active Directory Group Discovery): (Back to where we were) Click Ok: Click Ok: Click Ok: Click Ok: Now you can add the devices to the group in Active Directory.Go back to the device collection in the SCCM console right click and select Update Membership, after a short while this will update, make sure to give AD enough time to replicate though.

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