Sarah brightman and frank peterson dating

It was sad, but one of those things." She was less prepared, however, for how physically gruelling the treatment was. "But it was really important to me to know that I'd given it my best shot. "I went and, well, I realised that he really, really liked me," she says coyly. Take things as they come." As she talks, Oberlander emerges from the bedroom, tall and rangy and extremely handsome. "Everyone comments on them," she says, kissing him on the cheek and waving him off.

"He was used to seeing me in my old jeans at work, with no make-up. And because of work, there is a lot of space in the relationship. It's not about commitment, it's about not expecting. "He's used to it." The ageing process, she insists, worries her not a jot. But Brightman could still pass for a woman in her thirties. "Actually, it was a shot left over from my previous album.

Sarah, 46, split from Andrew – dubbed her Svengali – in 1990 after six years of marriage.

After their divorce, Brightman had a love affair with the producer Frank Peterson that lasted several years.

Then in her mid-thirties, Brightman's biological clock had begun to tick like crazy. I'm not a great believer in fate, but sometimes things are not meant to be." After her relationship with Peterson ended, he remained her record producer.

"On a personal level, though, I had to practically rebuild myself," she says, stretching out on the sofa and gazing out at the panoramic view of the New York skyline.

Her apartment, all shiny stainless steel kitchen and cream carpets (upon which one must tread bare-footed) is smart and so tidy, the singer checked herself into a hotel the night before so that it would perfect for the photoshoot.

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