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I have to be careful how I word things lest these people dismiss me and i-bop as 'angry black women'.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ok here is the letter I just emailed to her: Hello Ms.------, My daughter ------ is a student in a Spanish language class of yours.I would also like to point out to you, that whether ----- or another black person was in the class or not, your comments were inappropriate to the white students as well. As her teacher and an adult you are already in a position of authority over her.

You also singled her out to ask her opinion on the matter, I presume because as the sole black person in the class you wanted her to validate your opinion.She then singled my daughter out, the only black person in the class, to ask her if she agreed with her.I-bop said she tried to be non-comittal and change the subject, but the teacher persisted.They are living breathing people just like white babies.After ------ told me the things you said when you came down to her drama practice (how it's just an 'aesthetic' thing and it's your 'preference') it became painfully obvious to me that you are simply unaware of how obtuse your feelings are in regards to this matter. ------, choosing a partner and subsequent child is not like picking a color scheme for your house. Have the same morals, values, and code of ethics as you? Surely when you chose to be with their father, there were a lot of things you considered.

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