Sanaa lathan and omar epps dating

Roles in love stories like 2000's put her in the date night heroine pantheon somewhere between the early-aughts Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon, especially with black audiences.

But her resume deftly pivots, defying easy categorization.

Outside of all of those things that condition us, who are you really? ("I'm really just an actress who really loves to tell stories," she says with a shrug.) Based on the hit book of the same name by Trisha R.Thomas, follows Violet through a series of personal revelations and the hair journey that mirrors them.She's processed, hot-combed and uptight to start, then a beauty shop mishap forces her to seek the help of a weave, finally at her nadir, she goes blonde, gets caught in the rain, and then shaves it all off in a cathartic, emotional scene.The actress, who's 42 to his 25, posted this cuddly shot on Instagram over the weekend.Her caption: "@kaepernick7 xoxo." He posted the same shot on his page with the caption: "@sanaalathan this." If that doesn't mean they're dating, we don't know what does.

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