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This situation came to an end in 2003 when a Scottish Parliamentary committe officially recommended that the shade of blue on the Scottish Saltire Flag become standardized, the shade chosen being Pantone 300.

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Andrew was crucified by the Romans in Greece, where this diagonal cross was more commonly used.

The next part of the legend behind the flag of Scotland takes place over 700 years later, in 832 AD. Early the next morning Angus' troops were awestruck by the sight of a huge white Saltire cross shining against the background of a bright blue sky.

The Saltire is the official Scottish flag, but if you had something a bit different in mind, you could still be on the right track because there's also an 'unofficial' Scottish flag which is the 'Lion Rampant'.

So although Scotland actually has two flags, only one of them is recognized as Scotlands' offical national flag - and that's the Saltire.

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