Sakura and sasuke games of dating

However, fans talk a lot about this coupling for more reasons than rooting for them. After all, they have a lot of history, and not all of it is good. Sasuke was a fan favorite anti-hero/rootable villain with little time to worry about romance.

Yet here he is, married to the girl who loved him far longer than he deserved.

One of the most notable, and most talked about, is the marriage of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha.

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It's understandable for Sasuke to be gone on important missions, but it seems ludicrous for him to barely take the time to come home.

She was willing to give up who she was to be with him.

It's hard to think any relationship can recover from that level of twisted. If he wants his family to live on, he has to produce children.

The idea of it sounds kind of romantic, so why do fans remain skeptical?

Here are the 25 Things That Don't Make Sense About Sasuke and Sakura's Relationship. Her first best friend was Ino, someone who defended her and encouraged her to be stronger. However, as they aged, boys started to interest them.

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